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BigCommerce Software Review

BigCommerce is a cloud-based shopping platform that allows business owners to set up an eCommerce store. The platform is highly rated amongst users and has excellent customer support and contact information for the company. BigCommerce is highly trusted amongst users and have a substantial amount of retail stores gaining rapid success on the platform.

The site is extremely easy to use and provides a 15-day free trial with no personal information needed outside of the standard: name, email, phone number. BigCommerce’s design is modern and clean, and provides the user with a straight-forward experience. The features and links to other WebPages are very nicely displayed, distinguishable, and helpful to the user. The interface is very user-friendly and the guided tour of the dashboard is helpful enough to clear up any lingering user questions. Once the steps are completed on the dashboard’s Getting Started page, it’s easy to launch a retail store in a short amount of time for a very affordable price.

One added benefit of the platform is the very helpful features that come with any purchased package, such as the ability to sell on social media, ratings and reviews, and unlimited storage and bandwidth. BigCommerce provides numerous add-ons that can be purchased separately, each hoping to enhance and increase sales for the user. Along with over 200 add-ons, they offer thousands of ways to customize the pending store including page themes and complete control over ecommerce website development. BigCommerce offers advanced analytics with some packages and is easy for the user to access and analyze.

BigCommerce definitely has eCommerce booming and continues to grow throughout the years. It’s easy to see why. The site is easily navigated, has an unlimited amount of storage, and provides painless customer support for the user. Don’t hesitate to get your feet wet in eCommerce with this platform. The site has been designed to teach the user how to be successful.